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Prayer saved Gabriel Gifford…according to Fox Viewers

21 Jan

A new poll conducted by Fox “news” found that 8 in 10 Americans (aka conservatives who take Fox Polls) believe that god saved Gabriel Gifford’s life. Meanwhile another poll conducted by Reality News found that 8 in 10 people who responded to the Fox “news” poll are morons.

We can all let out a collective groan because here we go again. Just as with the Chilean mine collapse, or the plane crash on the Hudson river, people always find a way to praise their invisibly sky daddy and never blame him. That is just how the game is rigged. There is no possible scenario where they will blame god. Period.

Did gay intern Daniel Hernandez, who held his hands tight on Gifford’s head to control the bleeding and to keep her brains from oozing out, save Gifford’s life? What about the person who jumped the gunman to keep him from shooting more people? What about the emergency responders who rushed to the scene? What about the expert surgeons who spent years studying the advances of science and who spent hours fighting to keep Gifford alive?

Nope. God did it…. but do you know what that means if you want to be logically consistent? It means god had a nine year old girl gunned down… And if you’re not going to admit that then you have to admit you don’t give a fuck about reality, logical coherence, or will ever admit your god did something disgusting.

The miners are safe! It’s a miracle!…or is it?

17 Oct

After 69 days trapped underground, separated from their families, and clinging to life, all 33 Chilean Miners have been rescued! As if you couldn’t see it coming, a Chilean newspaper is running a poll to see who saved the miners, miracles or science. It’s split almost even. That’s right ladies and gentlemen. The rescue workers who struggled around the clock for 69 days didn’t save the miners, God did. This just infuriates me. They whole thing is rigged so God always gets the credit and none of the blame. It was man’s fault that the mine collapsed, it was not “an act of god”, but when when people worked tirelessly for months, employing their own ingenuity and technology to actually cut a rescue shaft, well that was clearly all God working through the miners. With logic like that God can never lose. Now excuse me while I go read about how another mine just exploded in China killing 29 and trapping 11. I can’t wait to see how God works through the rescuers to save these people instead of just magically transporting them out of there, never mind the 29 families who were just devastated.

PS: Looks like he had no problem killing 29 miners in New Zealand.

It’s a miracle!

12 Jan

So a few weeks ago my girlfriend and I were walking to my apartment after parking my car. It was a cold and clear night and to our delight we found this upon looking up at the moon.

Yep, it was a really cool looking halo around the moon. It’s not the first time I’ve seen something like this, and I think one of my girlfriend’s friends made a comment about it being religious in nature.

Naturally, this peeved me to no end. Whenever there is a natural phenomenon that people can’t immediate explain there are some who will make the large, and completely unfounded, jump to a religious explanation. This is in itself a contradiction. “I can’t explain X, so therefore I can explain it we god!”

Before I tell you what actually causes these halos, lets look at the implications of calling this a miracle. Calling this a miracle from god asserts that

  1. There is a disembodied intelligence in the universe that magically exists from nothing and made everything out of nothing (for which there is no evidence)
  2. This disembodied intelligence who created all of existence decided to zoom in on our galaxy (us out of billions) , and then from our galaxy decided to zoom into our solar system (out of further billions), and then from our solar system decided to zoom in on earth, specifically Lynchburg Virginia. (can you sense how ridiculous this is becoming?)
  3. This disembodied intelligence who created all of existence then decided to create a little circle around the moon for unknown reasons as a way of communicating with us instead of doing so directly and making their presence irrefutable.

“Miracle” encompasses all of these absurd assumptions. It is vastly more complex than the simple and actual explanation of ice crystals in the atmosphere.

“A circular halo, often referred to as just a halo, is formed by the refraction of sunlight through cloud suspended ice crystals as opposed to raindrops or other liquid water suspended in the air.”

No crazy disembodied floating man needed, so think twice before leaping to conclusions. Remember, it is perfectly ok to say “I don’t know”!

The “miracle” on the Hudson is no miracle at all

17 Jan

Regarding the recent successful emergency landing in the Hudson river by flight 1549, everyone is quick to say “oh this is a miracle!!!!” No it’s not. There is nothing miraculous about it. God did not swoop down and gentlely guide the plane into the water. Instead of thanking some imaginary man in the sky, people should be thanking the pilots of that plan who saved 155 lives. It was the pilots, not the hand of god, that guided the plane safely to the river. It’s funny, people are quick to attribute this to god, but it makes you wonder, why wouldn’t god have just kept the birds from flying into the engines in the first place? Why the dramatics?

Which leads me to a second point. This was a very fortunate outcome, but often the outcomes are not so favorable, yet people still call things miracles. Had the plane crashed violently, killing all but one person, people would say it was a miracle that person survived; that god must have a special purpose for that person. But what about every other human being on that plane who died a painful death? What about their families? People always try to find ways to twist things to give god the credit and never the blame.


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