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The emotions of god

25 May

God is often described as having very human emotions, greed, wrath, love, envy, etc. Does it ever strike you as weird considering how many theists claim that their god is perfect and unchanging?

Furthermore, if god is all-knowing, how can he/she/it get angry when something does not happen the way he/she/it wishes? Being angry implies that you were surprised that something acted somehow differently from what you wanted. How can a perfect all-knowing god be surprised by something?

Would he not have foreseen that X was going to happen the way it did? And had it upset him enough could he not have changed it?

Whenever theists rant on about how sinners make god angry, it just makes me roll my eyes. Do they not stop and think about how petty they are making their god sound by attributing very human emotions to him/her/it?


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